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Hello! My name is Lindy and I am a coffee-loving, bacon-eating, puppy-cuddling wedding photographer and videographer in Denver!

Once upon a time, I traveled the world for one year. Equipped with a camera in hand and the belief that great art is no accident, I captured my own stories--preserving my own precious memories of people and places that moved and shaped me. And, what began as a hobby soon became a love affair with photography and videography (I simply can't choose one over the other. I love them both!). I found my passion--my calling--my dream and it is so beautifully simple: I want to immortalize the fleeting moments that make up your life. 

When I returned home, I married the man of my dreams and began living my passion for capturing other people's stories. Whether it's a wedding, a long awaited adoption, the celebration of your senior year or simply a portrait to mark this moment in your life, your life is an art form and I want capture it.

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