MARRIED // Amy + Justin

Weddings make me cry. Maybe it's the beauty of two people choosing one another--devoting their today, tomorrows and forevers to the person they love most. Maybe it's the families that have poured into the bride and groom, year after year, hoping and praying that one day they'd find each other. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic with overactive tear ducts. In any case, and for whatever maybe, this wedding was a real tear jerker. 

I've known Justin and Amy for almost four years now and it has been such an honor to watch their relationship grow. From the first date (the one Amy missed due to her phone's untimely death) to this gorgeous wedding (don't worry, Amy made it), it has been a love story like no other. I feel so blessed that I got to not only witness, but capture every tear-worthy moment. 

Justin and Amy, I love you both and wish you every blessing and happiness. Congrats!!!