ENGAGED // Jill + Jon

This is by far one of my favorite engagement sessions to date. Not because of the gorgeous scenery (thanks, Colorado!) or the fabulous Fall weather, but because few people have impacted my life to the degree that this special lady has.

Jill and I traveled the world together in 2013 and, what began as a quarter-life crisis / mission to serve and love people across the globe, soon sparked a friendship as deep, vast and true as the gorgeous Rocky Mountains themselves. She is, without doubt or exaggeration, one of the most glorious souls to ever cross my path. 

To be perfectly frank, I truly doubted that Jill would ever find someone I deemed "good enough" to walk through life beside her. Thank goodness God is God and I'm not, because He brought Jon into Jill's life, proving that love stories are written in heaven and this match could be made in no lesser place. The two are a perfect symphony of love, laughter, joy and endless devotion. I simply can not wait to see how their lives together impact so many others as they have already impacted mine. 

Jilly Bean and Jon, I wish you every happiness under the sun and I am SO EXCITED for your wedding!