When you get right down to it, marriage isn't about the tulle, flowers, grand exits or ballrooms. Marriage, is about pledging your love--forever and always--to the person you just can't imagine life without. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for beautiful venues and tables bursting with floral arrangements. I love every moment of wedding days--from the putting on makeup to adjusting the bowtie to not caring about either during the dance party. Weddings are celebratory, memorable and a truly glorious beginning to glorious lives as man and wife. 

But, there is just something about the simplicity of a mountain elopement that takes my breath away. When it's all stripped away and there is just the two of you--deeply in love, forever committed--I just can't help but get a little weepy and think, "This is what it's all about." 

Lindzy and Jeremy planned such a wedding day, accompanied by their oh-so-adorable son, Declan. These two said, "I do" in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado in what can only be described as a truly intimate and perfect day. 

Lindzy and Jeremy, I wish you and your family every happiness. May your lives together be nothing short of a grand and breath-taking journey. Cheers!

Lindy HickmanComment