Where do I even begin with this incredible Highlands Ranch Mansion wedding? Katie and Garrett are my kind of people--caring, down-to-earth and crazy in love. And, judging by the loads of amazing people who came to celebrate their wedding day, I'd say they are well-loved by just about everyone they meet. 

I had a strange thought during Katie and Garrett's ceremony and it wasn't about the gorgeous decor, the perfect sunny weather, the elegant mansion or even the lovely couple. I thought about the guests--the witnesses--to this marvelous event and the honor of being one of those people struck me as it never had. 

To witness a wedding is to come around a couple in love and make your own vows--vows to love and support their marriage through good times and bad. I suppose what really made this wedding stand out, was the knowledge that not everyone gets to be a part of such a vow--that some who loved, supported and waited for this day, were watching it from heaven's gates instead. 

For this family, one of those heavenly guests was Nick, Katie's brother. And, with a day so joyful and memorable, there were also tearful moments of wishing--wishing that he was here to dance, celebrate and watch his baby sister become a wife. 

As I left this amazing day, I couldn't help but shed a few tears over the thought. Wedding days, for all of their beauty and joy, often make us long desperately for those that we miss so dearly. 

Katie and Garrett, your day was such a joyous celebration. I can only imagine that it was surpassed the celebration in heaven over your union (man, Nick probably had a wilder dance party than we did!). As I watched your day unfold, one thing was so clear, Nick was there--Nick got to witness your day. And, from his front row seat at heaven's gates, I bet the view was pretty darn great. 

I guess I write all of this to say, hug your loved ones a little tighter today. Savor each wedding, knowing that such celebrations are a small piece of heaven we're all given to enjoy. Live each day in the light of the blessing that it is and remember that those we've loved and lost may not be so distant after all. 

Katie and Garrett, thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day. It was truly such an amazingly beautiful event.


Makeup + Hair: Glam Team   |  Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion  |  Planner / Coordinator: Blue Linden Weddings  |  Rentals: Rock Star Rentals  |   Florist: Abloom  |  Desserts / Cake: Sedalia Bakery   |  Catering: Rocky Mountain Catering  |  DJ: Ignight Entertainment


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